Midsummer Eve Masquerade part 2: The Course of True Love Never did Run Smooth

**Creator Note: Rated PG-15 for sensuality/adult situations. This story will be told in Third Person Omniscient Narration***

When we last left Cato and DJ, the sad resonation of his heart breaking could be heard for miles. Deer suddenly stopped grazing, crickets suddenly stopped chirping, owls suddenly stopped hooting; even the party-goers suddenly stopped waltzing…

“You can’t marry me?” The words fell from his lips, as his voice cracked.

DJ averted her eyes. “No…I don’t know how to say this, but..I-I haven’t been completely honest with you..”

“What do you mean?” 

“I’m in love with…” DJ paused, pursing her lips and squinting her eyes, as though remnants of something bitter lingered on her tongue “I’m in love with someone else.” She looked into his eyes, the now vacant eyes of a stranger.

Cato had a hard time summoning words from deep within him. The pain of her revelation was almost too much to bear. “What?” He shook his head in confusion, bewildered by her words and uncertain how to respond. “Who are you in love with?”


“Dylan, is that you?” Chelsea asked into the darkness, hearing the sound of rustling hedges in the distance.

“A-CHOO!” The hedge moved again. “Do I look like Dylan?” Madeline said, wiping her nose against her sleeve as she emerged.

“Uh…Sorry about that,” Chelsea said, smiling sweetly. “I seem to have lost my date.”

“Hmph! Well I seem to have lost my boyfriend.” Madeline ground out in annoyance. “I’ve spent the better part of an hour trekking through who-knows-what, and all I’ve found is that I’m allergic to nature!”

“You’re Cayden’s new girlfriend, right?”

Madeline arched an eyebrow, “That’s right.”

“It’s nice to meet you! I grew up next door to The Dimitris. I’m Chelsea.”

Madeline stood there frozen momentarily. Her nose lifted, ever so slightly, and she looked down at Chelsea, or attempted to look down at Chelsea. Chelsea was around 5’8-5’9, and Madeline was 5’0 in heels. “I guess you could come in useful. Any ideas where Cayden might be?”

Chelsea began to fidget nervously with her fingers, “Well…Cayden’s always been…successful with the ladies. I kinda assumed he would be…”

“With the ladies?” Madeline said blandly. 

“I mean clearly not…”

“Do you think our boyfriends could be together?”

“Together?” Chelsea said in surprise.

“I don’t mean together-together,” Madeline laughed, somewhat too hard and too long, which had the appearance of being maniacal. “Just hanging out…together. Something friends do. You do have friends, don’t you?” Madeline said, wrinkling her nose.

Chelsea forced a smile, “I have friends. However, I doubt Dylan and Cayden are friends. I don’t think they like each other.”

“Hmm.” Madeline said in deep thought. “Why don’t you go and round up some of your so-called friends. Maybe we can make a search party…or two…depending on how many friends you have. The more eyes searching for my dear, lost Cay-Cay the better!”

Chelsea collected ten guests, and Madeline split them into two teams of five. 

“You five should…Let’s call you Search Party A…you cover north and east of the castle, and Search Party B will cover everything from south and west.” Madeline barked.

“Who is she?” a voice whispered

“I overheard someone say that her name is Madeline Hamhart, but get this – she’s from Sinbay!”

“No way! A real life Sinner? Here –at this party?!”

“Shhh! She’ll hear you!”

Madeline Hamhart was indeed from Sinbay, and she gladly flaunted her whereabouts, as though flashing a Black Card. Sinbay was synonymous with such places like The Hamptons, or Paris, France, or The Hollywood Hills. It was as big as a county, and consisted primarily of prime, waterfront real estate in Florida. It had its own gated-community, and had been the speculation and wonderment of many – to the point that Sinbay had its own reality television show.   

The reality show unlocked several answers, but also furthered several more after its cancellation. One of the biggest shockers was that the residents were all blood relatives, and continued their bloodline as pure as possible. It had been acceptable for one or two young adults, from every generation, to marry an outsider, as long as the couple lived in Sinbay once married. After this revelation came into light, Sinbay’s reputation as a squeaky-clean Puritan establishment went right out the proverbial door and the moniker, “The Whorehouse on the Hill,” took precedence. 

Both search parties sought out Dylan and Cayden, secretly suspecting that wherever the men were, another woman (or women) was with them. The magic of tonight’s event had left the air coated in an array of something indescribable; not to mention the smell of something raw and sexual still teased the senses, burning nostrils with something primal and stirring insatiable lust.

A scream erupted in the air, briefly startling Search Party A. A bit of rustling and splashing was heard from behind a series of hedges. The search party ran to the hedge. A few gasps ran out among the crowd, and then, “Hey, Chelsea! You need to come here!”

Chelsea braced herself as she made her way to the small crowd. Instantly, the guests parted to let her pass through. Chelsea gasped. Her hands flew to her face, cupping the entirety of her mouth. “Oh my goodness!”

There, lying on the ground was Dylan, with his band’s, young and very beautiful, manager, Amber, hovering over him. She turned briefly to look at Chelsea, smiling, “You caught us. Surprise.”

“Did you see him?” Dylan turned to face Chelsea. “I think he stomped on my eye.”

“Dyl, are you okay? And ‘him,’ who?”

“Hold still, Dylan,” Amber said, forcing his face upward and peeling his eye open. “Looks okay, but I want to get this checked out. Stat! Can’t have our lead guitarist wearing an eye patch on stage.”

“Yeah, because that would be ridiculous,” Dylan said bemused, an obvious jab at the band’s costume choice, which happened to be various characters from Dungeons & Dragons. Suddenly, the sound of small paws rushing toward them could be heard. “Ah, right on, cue.” A small, brown-and-black puffball collided against Dylan. “You little, shit!” He laughed as the furry creature began tugging at his waistcoat. “Careful. It’s a rental,” Dylan scolded, carefully removing small, pointy teeth, and standing up. The German Shepherd pup jabbed its teeth against each of Dylan’s fingers as he made his way towards Chelsea.

“Dylan!” Amber warned, “do not allow him to chew up your money maker. This European tour is gonna go to hell if you can’t play!”

Dylan rolled his eyes, and gently cupped his thumb and index finger against the pup’s muzzle, preventing him from opening his mouth. Dylan held out the pup to Chelsea, “Come on tour with us, Chels, and I promise to get you a dog from each of our stops. This German Shepherd from Germany, a French Bulldog from France, an English Mastiff from England…we can make quite the menagerie. Whatta ya say, Doll?”

Chelsea took the outstretched pup and snuggled it, rubbing her finger gently against its face, its small tongue darting around trying to confiscate Chelsea’s finger. Chelsea looked up at Dylan, “Of course I’ll come with you! How could I possibly resist this cute face,” she said brushing her nose against the pup’s nose.


“I can’t resist your cute face, either, Dylan,” Chelsea giggled, reaching up to kiss his cheek. “What’s his name?”


Chelsea’s smile faded, “You’re joking?”

“It’s a perfectly suitable name for him,” Dylan mumbled under his breath. “I thought you might want to do the honors and name him.”

“I think Strudel would make a suitable name. Because he’s so sweet.”

“Hate to break this up, but Dylan we need to get you looked over.” Amber said, getting annoyed.

“Yes, Sarg,” Dylan said sarcastically, saluting Amber. “Come with, eh, Doll?” he said looking at Chelsea, and then acknowledging Strudel, “Hellhound?”

“Of course,” Chelsea said, holding securely onto Strudel as she leaned her head against Dylan’s shoulder. The two walked out of the clearing and towards the castle. 

“Well one mystery solved,” Madeline said to herself. 

“Hey! I think I hear something!” someone said

“Yeah! I hear it too. It’s coming thatta way!” Another shouted, pointing to a section of cars.

“It sounds like…moaning.”

“I bet it’s DJ and Cato going at it,” someone said laughing. “Outside in the open! Come out, come out wherever you are!!” 

Someone gasped.

“Jackpot!” another yelled. “This way! Over here! I found the car!”

Madeline and the search party wearily approached the car. The moans had subsided and were no longer heard, but the windows were fogged, with a handprint indicating that there were occupants inside. One of the men in the search party took initiative, and approached the vehicle. He turned to Madeline who motioned to him to open the door. His hand reached for the car handle. He squeezed it and pulled back, opening the door in full view of himself, Madeline, and the rest of the search party. They all gasped in shock.

“CAYDEN DIMITRI!” Madeline shouted. He turned to face her, exposing his female companion.

“Oh my God!”  They said in unison. They turned pale at the sight of the woman next to him. Never would they have suspected that Cayden was with…


DJ sighed heavily in preparation for what she would eventually have to disclose to Cato, as though the words were bile being purged from her soul. “This is very hard on me…on us…  Not you and I, but rather he and I. However, I do owe you this much.” She paused, chewing her bottom lip in trepidation, unsure if she should continue or not. 

Another heavy sigh escaped from her lips before she continued. “Your brother, Cayden, and I have been seeing each other for awhile now…before he hooked up with Gen…and Madeline. He never said anything to you because he knew how infatuated you were with me. We secretly saw each other off and on, but when things became too serious he and Gen hooked up. He stayed with her so he and I could be together. It was very hard sharing him with her, unbeknownst to her of course. After a while, I retaliated and became involved with you. Cayden uh…he slipped when he and Gen were being intimate, and he called out my name. That slip-up was the reason Gen broke up with him.” DJ paused momentarily, sighing. Her fear held her from gazing up into his eyes, knowing that the power they had on her would bring her to tears. “Gen confronted me about it, but I denied any involvement with him, instead I played it off as though he must have had a crush on me. I didn’t want to break her heart. He and I are still seeing each other though…despite his faux relationship with Madeline Hamhart…I’m sorry, Cato.”

Cato and DJ sat in eerie silence. The sounds of crickets chirping could no longer be heard, nor the sound of the water beating steadily beneath them, as though the world had ended, and they were the last two inhabitants. 

“Is this some kind of sick joke?”  Cato asked, bewildered.

DJ swallowed down the lump that was building within her throat. She turned away, gazing toward the bank as the wind rustled the blades of grass. “I-I um…Cayden would deny it if you asked him. I dunno,” she shrugged, “Maybe he wouldn’t anymore…But I think he would….You’re his brother after all, and he loves you a lot.” She turned back to slowly face him. Something burned within him, within his eyes; something strange and foreboding, prickling her skin. “Are you okay?”

“No.” The word was akin to poison against DJ’s ears. “I’m done with you.” Cato grabbed the oars, intent on rowing to shore.

“Cato…”  She said, her voice faltering as it softened.  Her hand reached out and touched his.  Their eyes met, his dark and hopeless and hers dancing with mischief. “I did it, didn’t I?….I fooled you with my serious-face.” The moment overtook DJ, and a bubble of laughter erupted from her, “Did you honestly think I’d gush like a silly girl when you proposed? You know I have to keep you on your toes!” Cato looked at her dumbstruck as she continued. “You have no idea how hard it was to remain calm when I saw the ring!”

The revelation of what just happened sunk into Cato’s head. “I am going to throw you in the lake!” he shouted, his face burning red.  

DJ smiled innocently at him. “I win.” Her words were no more than a whisper floating in the air.   Her hands captured his hands. “Of course I’ll marry you! I love you forever, Dimitri.”  She smiled up at him. 

A primal scream erupted from Cato, startling DJ, as well as a flock of waterbirds that took off in a panic. “Sorry. I needed to get that out. You really had me going, Toots….I love you, too.”  Cato said, his fingertips caressing the flesh of her hands. “I have a surprise for you.”

DJ broke free of his hands in excitement, “Oh, gimme, gimme, gimme!”  She tightly shut her eyes and extended her palms.

Cato chuckled as he grabbed the oars and began to row.  “Not until we get to shore.”

“I have to wait until we get to shore?” DJ harrumphed. “Wait a minute! Is it Sexy-time? Is that my surprise?”

“No clues for you, Toots.” 

DJ rubbed her hands together in giddy-excitement, “Ohh, I bet it is! You did say that the disrobing would be later! I guess it’s later’o’clock!”

“Not yet.”

“Well of course not yet. I know you don’t want to tip the boat from rowboat-sex.” DJ rolled her eyes and spoke in hushed annoyance, “Really, maybe I shouldn’t marry someone that isn’t willing to have adventurous sex.”

Cato looked at her sternly. “I heard that.”

DJ smiled innocently. “Tee hee, love you, Dimitri.”

“Besides,” Cato interjected, “today’s little escapades were quite adventurous, perhaps even too adventurous for you. Really, DJ, slipping away because things got heated so quickly. Quite unlike you.”

“You just caught me off guard. It was quite unlike you to be so…so…” 

“Like you?” Cato smirked. 


Once the boat came close to land, Cato jumped out. The sound of his lower body echoed, as it collided with the water. He grabbed the wooden side of the stern and pushed DJ to shore. The boat made a dull thud as it touched land. He mounted the bank and plucked DJ from the boat, planting her on the driest portion of sand. They embraced each other and kissed. 

“Is it ‘later’ now?”  She asked flirtatiously.

Cato smiled lovingly down at her. “Not just yet. You know, DJ, I can’t wait to marry you…”

“Hmmm.”  DJ sighed dreamily as the two walked hand-in-hand through the thick brush that coated the outskirts of the shore. “We have so much to plan, Dimitri. We’ll probably have a big wedding.” Cato looked at her as she kept rambling on and on, until he came to a halt. “Why’d we stop?”  She asked, finally noticing where they were. “Where are we? It’s beautiful!” 

The pair had climbed up a lush hillside that roared with a series of waterfalls. They stood on a stony bridge with a curtain of water to one side and greenery, illuminated by moonlight, surrounding and sweeping the entirety. Flowers twinkled with dew, catching their eyes. 

“You don’t want a big wedding, do you?”  He asked.

Her eyes darted around as she sighed heavily. “Not really…but if you want a big wedding… There isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for you, Dimitri”

“I think a small wedding would be ideal.” His thumb brushed the loose strands of hair that tickled her forehead. She looked up at him, and their eyes locked. “Are you ready for your present?”  Cato asked as he pulled a cream scarf from beneath the depth of his coat pocket.

DJ smiled mischievously at him, as her eyes danced, “Oooh! Bondage! I likey!”

“Turn around.” 

DJ obliged so that he could place the scarf over her eyes. He tied it securely, grasped her hand, and led her up a small winding-rock-staircase. “You know how I said I had a job interview in New Zealand?”


“There is no interview.”

“What do you mean?” she questioned.

Cato removed the scarf from DJ’s eyes, and it fell like a feather to her feet. A gasp escaped as she took in her surroundings.


Throughout most of the evening, Cayden Dimitri, had sat around sulking. His girlfriend, Madeline, was nowhere to be found. He sighed, knowing that the relationship he was in meant nothing to him, after all the woman he truly loved was there at the party, but in the arms of another man. It was around the stroke of nine when Cayden decided to rewrite his destiny; after all magic loomed in the air, and it overwhelmed his senses, causing him to fall subject to its sweet embrace.

He paced the entryway that led to the ballroom; right below the massive stairwell, as couples descended weightlessly towards him. Then he saw her. He did a double take, his breathing stilled momentarily as it caught within his throat. Her violet eyes met his as she floated down the staircase. She looked angelic; the light of the chandelier illuminated the shimmering fabric of her purple-and-black gown, casting a glow about her. Her smile was sweet and warm, which sparked the memory of their time together and the love that they had made. 

She looked up at him as she made her way down the final step. Her beauty and warmth encouraged him to act. He reached for her hand, kept his eyes planted on her, and kissed the back of her hand. 

They made their way into the ballroom, her arm nestled in the crook of his. The enchanting music lured them onto the dance floor. Time elapsed but neither of them seemed to notice nor mind; they were too focused searching each other’s eyes, eyes where love and hope dwelled.

Geneviève pressed her body obscenely close to Cayden’’s as she whispered headily to him,”I haven’t been intimate with another, not since we were together. My love is saved solely for you, and I ache for your touch.”

He smiled wolfishly at her. The ebony tendrils nestled next to her ear flowed as his breath caressed her face, “I have desired nothing more than you, my love. Come” Geneviève placed her hand in his outstretched hand, and they quickly made their way through the ballroom and out the castle.

In the moonlight, they basked in the splendor of each other; lips caressing lips, hands caressing backsides. They moaned in desire. Geneviève directed their footsteps to her car. Cayden opened the car door for her, and once inside they both let all passion flow free in wild abandonment.


DJ blinked, her eyes adjusting to her surroundings. She stood there dumbstruck as her eyes met the eyes of Cato’s twin sister, Caitlynn Dimitri; Cato’s parents, Carlo and Camille Dimitri; his two younger siblings, Channing and Chase Dimitri; DJ’s best friend since childhood, Lani Johnson; and Cato’s three former bandmates, Mike Rambeau, Jamie Cameron, and Jules Navarro. There was a man DJ didn’t recognize, dressed in a traditional suit with a Cheshire Cat-grin look upon his face. 

Cato leaned down as he whispered, “There is no interview in New Zealand. It’s where I’m taking you on our honeymoon.” DJ furrowed her brow, not quite understanding what he was saying.  “When I said I couldn’t wait to marry you I meant it. Will you be my wife?”

Her head tilted towards him in confusion. “Right now?”

“Right now.”

“You’re serious?”  She questioned him.

“I’m serious.”

DJ stood there in silence as she digested everything that he had said. It all made sense as she looked into the beaming faces staring back at her. He was giving her a small wedding like she wanted. Except, it was a bit smaller than she hoped.

“Where’s Gen? Why isn’t she here?”

Cato scratched his head, “I have no idea. I told her about this.”

“And she said she would attend?”

“She said she wouldn’t miss it.”

“Well it’s not like her to be late, and it’s not like her to be a no-show.”

“Come to think of it. I don’t see Cay…”

“Your brother?”

Cato shot her a menacing look, “Yeah, the brother you’ve been seeing behind my back.”

DJ stifled a laugh, “You’re gonna keep this joke going, hmmm?”

Cato smiled, “Yes, until death do us part.”

“Do you think we should call them?”

“It wouldn’t matter. We’re on a bit of a schedule. Either they show or they don’t. We can figure out what happened to them later. In the meantime…Lani and one of the guys will act as witnesses on the wedding certificate. I found this guy online,” Cato indicated with his hand, pointing to the eager-faced stranger, “to officiate the wedding. Don’t worry, he’s legit, and is fluent in German and English.”

“Hallo! Büsten-Tanzen! Ich bin ein groß Bewunderer!” The stranger waved frantically at DJ.

DJ turned bright red. “Cato!” she said in whispered-agitation, “Did you hear what he just called me?! Büsten-Tanzen! He knows who I am! He’s seen the video!”

Cato slammed his palm against his forehead, “Well that explains why he was willing to officiate for free.”

“I could kill whoever took that video of me stripping at that German nightclub! Cheese and crackers, you only turn 18 once!”

“Yes, well not everyone goes to a dance club on their eighteenth birthday to get naked.”

“I did not go there to get naked. I went there to drink and makeout with guys I’d never see again. It’s not my fault there was a stripper pole that spoke to me.”

“Ah. And did this pole tell you to take off your clothes?”

“Uh, yeah! Why do you think it’s called a ‘stripper’ pole?”

Cato shook his head incredulously, “You hurt my head, Toots. So what should we do about the officiant?”

DJ rolled her eyes, “Well I suppose murdering him is out of the question. Being a witness to a wedding is one thing, but being a witness to a murder…I don’t think our friends and your family would be so agreeable.”

“Yeah, that’s a hard pass.”

DJ sighed. “Let’s just get it on, so that we can get it on. We are planning to get it on afterwards, right?”

Cato sighed, “I suppose you’ll insist I do my husbandly duty.”

“Well you do want to consummate our wedding, don’t you?”

“Of course, but how about we get married first, Toots.” Cato winked.

Cato and DJ got married that night in a private ceremony, sealing their love with a kiss. Thankfully, the officiant kept his mouth shut throughout and after the ceremony, since DJ promised to take a selfie with him – a clothed selfie. Their friends and family gave each of them a hug and wished them good luck on their new life together. Cato and DJ were no longer two souls – they were one entity, each reflecting and highlighting the other. 

Cato led DJ back towards the rowboat, but instead of continuing through the brush he took her deeper towards the waterfalls. 

“Guess what time it is, Toots?”

“It better be ‘later,’ because ready or not here I come!” DJ said as she lunged at Cato. The two collided upon the ground. “Brace yourself, Dimitri, because tonight I’m making you my bitch!”

A look of terror flashed in Cato’s eyes. Thankfully, for Cato anyways, a shrill noise caused DJ to stop. They both turned, facing the direction of the sound….


Madeline stormed off after seeing her boyfriend, Cayden, in the arms of his former ex-girlfriend, Geneviève. Madeline was neither mad, nor was she hurt; she was upset that she had wasted time on a man who was using her to get another woman jealous. She rolled her eyes as she searched for her cellphone, intent on calling he

r very hot second cousin, who just happened to be good at…listening. 

Annoyed that the only reception she could find was poor reception, Madeline headed to the castle. Once inside, she weaved around, in hopes that her phone would flash something other than “No Service.” A strange noise sidetracked her. She wasn’t sure what it was, but whatever it was, it was coming from behind the door straight down the hall. She flipped her cell phone shut as she tiptoed towards the door. She placed her ear against the door, seeing if she could get a better indication as to the identity of the noise. Madeline took a step back and stared at the door for a few minutes. Curiosity got the best of her, and she turned the doorknob slowly. The door creaked as it was pushed open. Madeline gasped at the sight before her….


The shrill sound of a cell phone ringing caused DJ to narrow her eyes menacingly at Cato. If there was one thing that had hindered previous love-making attempts between the two, it had been interruptions by Cato’s cell phone. “That isn’t my ringtone,” Cato said. 

“Oh! My cell phone must have fallen!” DJ said, racing towards the sound. She was able to locate the phone before the caller hung up.

DJ saw the name flash upon the screen, Charlie Deveraux. Excitedly, she flipped it open.  “Hello? Charlie?” The voice on the other end confirmed that she was indeed Charlie (Charlotte) Deveraux, the Private Investigator DJ hired to investigate Geneviève’s fiance, William Woodsworth Allen IV. DJ conversed with Charlie as Cato lay there waiting patiently for the call to end. After a few minutes, DJ thanked Charlie repeatedly and flipped her cell phone shut.

“Oh my God, Cato!  You won’t believe what Charlie found out about Gen’s fiance!”

“What’s that?”

“Cancer! It’s why he’s been rushing Gen to marry him! He was diagnosed with terminal cancer, and he wants a kid: a biological heir! Cheese-and-crackers, boy did he pick the wrong partner! Gen doesn’t want kids. Oh, but that’s not the only thing she found out about him. Apparently he’s been living a double life!”

“What do you mean?”  Cato asked.

“Well…” DJ said. “He’s….”


Madeline stood there as the color began to drain from her complexion. There in the room was Geneviève’s fiance wearing a diaper and oversized baby bonnet watching porn. He looked up at Madeline. “Goo goo, ga ga?” he said, flashing her his member. She quickly shut the door and ran.


Cayden and Geneviève quickly threw their clothes back on, but neither of them bothered to leave the security of Geneviève’s car.

“Madeline Hamhart, huh? Why her?”

Cayden shrugged. “Blonde hair, blue eyes, fake-tanned-skin – it was my go-to preference until I met you. I just wanted to make you jealous….I just wanted you back.”

“Really, Cay, me jealous of Mad Maddie?”

“Mad Maddie? Where’d you hear that?”

Geneviève shrugged, “I don’t recall. It was being whispered throughout the castle. I realized, as I watched her interact, why she had that nickname. She’s so angry. She reminded me of a little star burning, but instead of burning with brilliance she burned with rage.”

Cayden smiled, “She certainly has a short temper.”

Geneviève’s hand swooped over her mouth as laughter bubbled out. She playfully punched Cayden’s shoulder, “Oh look who has jokes! Tell me, how long were you waiting to say that?”

Cayden smiled mischievously, “Not long. Some might say it was miniscule.”

Geneviève smiled, directing her gaze outside. “So what happens now?” She asked, not bothering to look in Cayden’s direction.

“I want to be with you. That’s all I ever wanted.”  Cayden said. 

Geneviève slowly turned to face him. “I would give all this up for you, Cay.” 

And, in fact Geneviève made good on her word. The following day she gave William back the engagement ring he had given her (but she refused to return any of the gifts: clothes, jewelry, and especially her Aston Martin). 


DJ and Cato slept side-by-side, under the stars, that first night as husband and wife. 

…And, like all romances steeped in magic…The couple lived happily ever after….

The End…..

Okay, maybe not the end and maybe not even happily ever after, but the chapters of Cato & DJ Dimitri have yet to be fully written…As of now it is up to The Fates (or at least this author) to decide what life has in store for them in the year 2022, and, if you dare, you can continue to join them on their journey together. 

So, although their life is just beginning, this Chapter of their life has seen….

The End


BONUS PHOTOS: I originally took photos in 2008, using The Sims 2. For storytelling purposes, I added new characters using The Sims 4, and for fun, I took photos of Cato and DJ… Enjoy!

Cato is a Midsummer’s Dreamboat 

Friends since childhood: DJ and Lani

~ BONUS BONUS Photos (Sims 2) DJ & Gen’s Midsummer Masquerade Ball ~

(Athena Dimitri)

Midsummer Eve Masquerade part 1: What Fools These Mortals Be

**Creator Note: Rated PG-15 for suggestive sexuallity/adult situations and underage drinking**

June 21, 2009

The future has a way of arriving unannounced ~ George Will

O tis sweet, this night; this midsummer night, that we, two young lovers, embrace beneath the breath of the new moon.  O’ what a moon! Bright it beats in the stygian ink well. Surely, Selene conjures magic with her orb…I thought as a heavy sigh escaped my lips. I looked up into Cato’s eyes; the flecks of which resembled fine grains of amber, as they bore into my eyes.

“When do I get to steal you away from your party?” He asked, the warmth of his breath caressed my face. I smiled, and his eyes danced with my reflection.

“I’ve already done the meet-and-greet. I am all yours for the whenever-and-wherever,” I whispered, pressing myself against him seductively.

Cato extended his hand towards me, “M’lady?”

I looked down and then back into his eyes, “Not the appendage I’d rather be holding…”


“Later?” I said in bewilderment. “Aren’t you supposed to tell me to behave?”

He looked at me silently, contemplating how to respond, “Usually, yes. Tonight, no. Tonight is your night.”

“To misbehave?”

“If that’s what you want.”

“Wow! I should throw elaborate parties more often,” I said as we made our way out of the castle’s main entrance. 

Our stride was lackadaisical, as though we were in a reverie. The crisp air nipped our skin. His arm wrapped itself around my shoulder, and his hand slid up and down the expanse of my arm, warming me briefly with the gentleness of his caress.

“These shoes are not meant for walking,”  I said, grimacing, “Pretty, yes. Stylish, definitely. Practical? Not on your life.” 

“Should I carry you?”

My fingertips playfully slid to the lower portion of his back as we continued to walk.  “You just want an excuse to hold me. You’ll probably throw me in a lake or something.” 

A smile briefly touched his lips, “You look far too beautiful to be thrown into a lake.”

“Regardless, you are contemplating it.” Mischievousness flooded my features as I whispered, “If you threw me into a lake I would get wet. If I got wet then I would have to disrobe. If I were to disrobe-

“That will be later.” He said hastily.

I feigned an exaggerated sigh, “Oh very well… if I must wait.” I followed Cato, not knowing where he was leading us, and not caring; after all I had no reason to distrust him. I took in the scenery that surrounded us as we left behind the Neuschwanstein castle and all of its beauty, which was shrouded in a dense layer of clouds (after all we were on a mountain top).

I could see the makings of a lake or a stream up ahead. “I knew it!”  The words erupted in a bellow.  “You are planning to throw me in!”

Cato chuckled as our steps came to a halt. He turned to me, the back of his palm stroking my cheek. “I’m not going to throw you in.”  I opened my mouth to protest what he had said, but the words were suddenly unable to escape as he pressed his lips briefly to mine. Before I knew it, and much to my disappointment, the kiss was already over.

“Wait right here.”  

I stumbled slightly as he stepped away and headed towards the thicket. I could see him struggling momentarily with something. He pushed a large object, propelling it towards the lake.  A dull splash resonated as a rowboat skimmed the surface. Cato beckoned me over. I stood there unable to move as my eyebrows knitted together in confusion.  

“Your chariot awaits,” he said. He extended me his free hand, which I looked at in uncertainty.

“Uhhh, you overestimate my abilities in a heavy, corseted dress.”

Cato smirked bashfully, grabbed me by my waist and hoisted me onto the rowboat. His arms secured my waist as I carefully sat down. Once fully stable, he pushed the rowboat from the shore. 

“Uh, did you put on weight, Toots?”

“What?!” I said, flustered.

“It’s just…this boat has become…suddenly…heavier than I…anticipated.”

“No, I didn’t put on weight! My dress just happens to weigh around ten pounds!”

Cato smirked. “Ah, so you did put on weight!”

“Well I did offer to take the dress off, but you said that would be later,” I said, matter-of-factly. “Anyways, maybe you’ve grown weak.” 

“Perhaps I have,” Cato sighed, knowing that continuing this exchange would be futile. His mind had been preoccupied most of tonight, causing him to act and say things that were not typical. 

Once his legs were knee-deep in the dark water, Cato hoisted himself up next to me. “Rowboat sex, eh? That might be tricky,” I mused, “All that rocking and what-not. If I had known I would have brought Dramamine.” I said, nudging him playfully in the sides.

“We might not want to chance that one. I don’t want to bring you back soaking wet.”

“I’m just teasing, Cato.” I stuck my tongue out at him.

“Of course you are,” he said in disbelief, as he moved to a spot directly across from me.

“Of course I am.” I responded matter-of-factly.

Cato began to row us out a bit further from the shore. A lazy, summer breeze blew by on occasion, but mostly the night air was balmy. Cato’s rowing came to a halt and we sat there under the stars, listening to the faint sounds of partygoers’ laughter mingling with the lustrous, metallic sounds of the violin, until the sounds of nature began to increase in intensity. 

I looked up and over at Cato whose face was drenched in perspiration.

“Are you okay? Did you overexert yourself rowing us out here?” I asked. 

“You have kept me on my toes since day one.” Cato blurted, shifting nervously as he turned to face me. 

Surprised, and worried that he was possibly feverish, I arched an eyebrow.

“You look so beautiful, Toots. You leave me breathless.” He paused momentarily, “There have been several occasions where you have left me speechless…” 

A hand fumbled around in his upper coat pocket as he continued, “You constantly occupy my mind.  The first time we talked… I knew there was something special about you… something special about … us… that we had a connection.” He removed his hand from underneath his coat and grabbed my hand, placing it between both of his. “DJ, every fiber of my being loves you. I could not imagine living my life without you.”  He spoke the words quickly, as though filled with apprehension. 

Silence consumed us, save for the chirping sounds of the crickets, and the languid movement of the boat upon the lake. His eyes bore into mine, pleading for some form of a response. 

I smiled sweetly up at him, a little weary of his sudden change in behavior and odd demeanor.  “I love you too, Dimitri.” I laughed nervously. “You know that…. right?” My eyes searched his eyes for a sign of sanity.

His eyes lit up in response to my words. His hands left mine momentarily. He reached inside his upper coat pocket once more, this time he brought out a small blue box, tied neatly with a white ribbon…a Tiffany’s box.

I could feel my face flush in response, This isn’t what I think it is, is it? I thought as panic began to consume me. My eyes darted towards his eyes for confirmation. I could feel myself growing faint as he discarded the blue casing, which revealed a ring. Something pink caught my eyes as it glittered in the moonlight. 

Cato’s hand encompassed mine as he slid the ring onto my finger. “Will you marry me?” He beamed. I looked up at him. Moisture softly filled his eyes, making them shine brilliantly.

I could feel the color drain from my face as I grew completely faint. I felt as though I was going to pass out. It is often said that when one is about to die they can see their life flash before their eyes. In a moment such as this, the effect is almost identical. Various images of tonight’s events filled my head… as though I could hear the sounds of the party in the distance….The sounds became clearer…. until I could hear the overpowering sound of several voices talking at once… 


All the guests had arrived a quarter-to-six.  Gen and William (better known as “Mr. Moneybags” aka “Gen’s Fiance” aka “The-idiot-paying-to-rent-the-castle”) were in the carriage ahead of us.  William wanted to make a grand entrance with Gen by his side. Shortly after, Cato and I would follow suit and make a not-as-grand entrance. 

I was a little frisky and needed some lovin. However, for some reason or another Cato was unwilling to do anything of the sort (he can be such a prude at the most inconvenient times). I silently pouted, shooting him a dirty look. In the long run I got what I wanted (kinda-sorta).  He felt his way up my dress with his hands (I won’t spell out what he did to me. I want to keep this blog – well not “child friendly” – but reader-friendly… without it being *too friendly*). 

The rhythm of the trotting horses helped me to … uhhhh….Although Cato was still.. assisting me…as the horses pulled up to the gates.  It’s now or never, I thought to myself. I could sense Cato getting a tad agitated…I mean…I doubt he wanted to be caught with his hands in the…er…cookie jar.  Thankfully I got my “now” and not the “never.”  I shuddered momentarily, but nicely composed myself right after. Nobody suspected what we had just done. 

Everyone looked up at us in awe. I felt like a princess in The Rose Parade, and waved to my adoring public with the signature cupped hand twisting slowly side-to-side 

Cato and I busied ourselves greeting guests and engaging in smalltalk. Once we had met with all our guests, Lani strolled over to me.

“Do you wanna play with me and a couple other girls?”  She asked. 

“Huh?” I said, wondering if I had heard her right.

“We need a fourth for a game of poker.”

Now, for the life of me, I swear I thought she said “poke her,” and not “poker.”  I took a step back as I looked at Lani skeptically. “Uh, Lani… I don’t play like that with girls, and since when do you play poke-her?”

“What are you talking about? Poker! You know, the card game we would play some nights when you came to visit.”

I stood there momentarily until it sunk in. “Oh! Poker!” I laughed, and then explained what I had thought she said.

Lani just shook her head and sighed, “Goodness! Only you, DJ. Only you.”

I made my way to the table and stared momentarily at the empty chair, debating how I was going to fit. With all the care I could muster, I gathered my gown and slowly hoovered over the chair until I could feel my bottom against the chair’s wooden surface. It was embarrassingly obvious that I had never worn a custom-made dress before. The corset held me stiff while seated. 

The men gathered around to watch.  For the most part they were well-behaved, not giving us lip as we gambled away their simoleons. Men can be such nags about that sort of thing. 

Time passed quickly, and  before we knew it the clock chimed 7 o’clock. I pushed myself away from the table (with very slim winnings in tote). Cato and I walked outside, and we headed off to the hedge maze. On our way there, Cato and I ran into Dylan and Chelsea. 

“And what are we grinning about, Chels?”  I asked, even though it was pretty evident.

“Hmm? Nothing.” She replied in a tone that would warrant suspicion.

“Riiiight. Nothing.” I said, winking at her. “Cato was doing some ‘nothing’ to me with his fingers in the carriage.”

What!?”  Chelsea nearly screamed.

“You heard me. He ‘nothing’d’ me real good too.”  I turned to face Cato who was looking at me in hopes that I would shut up. “Babe, if I had my purse you could have used some antibacterial gel wipes to get my coochie-cooties off your hand. Don’t tell anyone, Chels,” I said as I turned back to face her. “I think Cato shook hands with at least a dozen guests.”  I looked at Dylan, who looked a tad nauseous. Oppsy, I thought, I hope he wasn’t one of the unfortunate ones to have shaken Cato’s hand

There was something in the air that night. Far be it for me to determine what that something was.  Some say it was magic, others say it was undigested pork tenderloin. Whatever it was, it made for an interesting evening. There were two things I was particular about having at my party: Pixie Sticks and Skittles. My sole intention for this was to make Cato happy (Skittles are his favorite candy – he has quite the sweet tooth – and Pixie Stick powder is great for…foreplay – a little sprinkle here; a little licky there – you see where I’m going with this? Sugarhiiiiiiiiiiiigh). 

Cato rolled around in both piles, like Scrooge McDuck in his money bin. It was rather amusing… until his eyes began to glaze over…. and then it was less like Scrooge McDuck and more like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. To me, it was like looking at a reflection of myself when my sexual appetite’s raw and insatiable. 

A low, guttural growl erupted from his throat as he grabbed me. My backside made sudden contact with one of the several piles of Skittles. Cato climbed on top of me and bit the fabric over my ta ta. He bared his teeth and he growled again. I giggled. Then he did something unexpected: He bit the same area again…except this time there was no fabric barrier. I gasped at the intimate contact (not only that but he was giving some of the partygoers quite the show… including his older brother, Cayden). I cleared my throat in hopes that he’d get off (not like that, but actually removing his body from mine)… but to no avail.  The fun-and-games didn’t end there… he then started to “nothing” me with his hand again (like he had done earlier in the carriage). This time I was able to make an escape as I slid under him (Skittles are easier to maneuver over than most surfaces). 

Again…fun-and-game-time was inescapable. Cato grabbed my midsection and pulled me close to him. I could feel… it...against my backside…and it was happy. Mr Sugarhigh let go of me for an instant, but only to move his one hand from my waist to my chest.  And what was Cato doing with his free hand?…the hand he used to “nothing” me with momentarily?  He licked it! All five of his fingers! Slurping and sucking each one of them…clean.

I don’t know at what exact point the party started going all crazy-lusty… but it seemed as though everyone was feeling something strange overcome them. The strangest of which happened to Jess Balleta and her new hubby, Kody Balleta. To this day I still have no clue what overcame him (or anyone else at the party). Jess said he hadn’t drunk a drop of the bubbly…or eaten any unidentifiable candies from off the ground….But for most of us, we were witnesses to the strange phenomenon….

Like any newly-married couple, Jess couldn’t seem to keep her hands off of Kody. Jess was in rather high spirits…er and her spirits weren’t the only thing rising…of course it didn’t hurt that she kinda “nothing’d” Kody’s bulge…

Kody seemed to have mistaken a blue plant (or was it a tree?) for Jess (er… at least he kept calling it “Jess”). It began comical, Kody would confess his undying love to the thing, stroke its fronds, and perform other such amusing displays of love to it. Then things turned poorly. He started to get a bit… horny. He got pretty close to the trunk/base of the plant, and ran his hands up and down its sides as though it were a person. Once he got halfway up he caressed the tree as though it had breasts, while making out with it (or, in actuality, slobbering against it). Then… he unzipped his pants… and pulled out his… friend. Thank-Will-Wright, Kody was wrested to the ground before he could stick his tallywacker into the plant (I’m sure the last thing Jess would want is to be married to a…nature lover).

Oh, but that did not end the shenanigans of one Mr. Kody Balleta. No siree. He stumbled over to the uh……happy-laughy-fun-fun?…er bubble blower?…er Hookah?…ah whatever you wanna call the thing. He yelled for Jess to come over and….“nothing” him. He wanted her to “nothing” him with her mouth, her hand, and her bleeeeep. He said it LOUD too. VERY LOUD. I think he even tried saying it in German (well we were in Germany), but whatever he was saying was not German. 


At 9 o’clock sharp we made our way back to the castle – to the ballroom to be exact. Instead of a Disc Jockey entertaining the crowd, we hired a violinist and a pianist to perform sections from Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (obviously, right?).

The night eclipsed into sheer romance. Loved ones cupped hands with their significant others, leading each other to the dance floor. Ball gowns glided to-and-fro, making love to the wooden beams that moaned in ecstasy beneath them. 

Our eyes met, as they had all those moments in passing, but somehow, for unknown reasons beyond my comprehension, tonight had held more meaning. Was it those intoxicating champagne bubbles that teased our senses? Something cosmic perhaps? Or maybe… just maybe…magic existed, and it emerged during summer solstice. 

Time, the cruel mistress that she is, beckoned us back momentarily as the chimes rang out; informing all that an hour had slipped away. It was now 10 o’clock. Cato’s lips embraced my own as the strokes from the clock resonated over the orchestration. 

We descended toward the small banquet table, where he popped open one of the vintage bottles of Germanic sparkling wine. Dancing desisted at the sound of the cork. 

“Here’s to our undying love. May the world cease to exist before the last drop dries.” Cato said as we locked eyes. Our glasses clinked in unison, and we took a small swig of the burgundy liquid; the bubbles tickling the back of my throat as I swallowed it down.

I was getting a bit lightheaded. Cato guided me to the balcony for some fresh air.  We were alone. The moon, in all its splendor, shone down on us, and everything below us, as far as our eyes could see. My mind ran rampant, overcome with the beauty of the night and all its happenings.

“When do I get to steal you away from here?” I could hear him say. I turned to face him but my eyes were blurring, and I could no longer make him out. The sounds began to fade in and out until all I could hear was the sound of my heart beating erratically. I closed my eyes tightly, growing fainter by each pound of my heart. I gripped the side of something, not knowing what it was. My eyes fluttered open to meet Cato’s eyes.

And so there we were; just as though we were in a dream: upon the lake, in a makeshift rowboat. He held my hand. His eyes searched my eyes for an answer… the answer to the question: “Will you marry me?”

My eyes left his eyes momentarily to look at the ring. Both his hand and mine trembled in uncertainty for what the future held. At this time there was only one thing that mattered; the words forming and taking shape as I pressed my lips together until the audible sounds were barely an utterance of breath.

“I-I dunno what to say, Cato. I’m…um…I don’t know….No…No, it wouldn’t be right….I can’t.”

“You can’t marry me?”  The words fell from his lips, as his voice cracked in dubiety.

I averted my eyes, knowing the guilt that shone through them would be evident. “No….I don’t know how to say this, but…I…I haven’t been completely honest with you….”

To Be Continued….