About Me

Dearest Readers,

Let me take a moment to introduce myself. My name is DJ. I began playing Sims 4 in fall of 2021, so I’m what you might call a n00b. I was an avid Sims 2 player, and even joined a roleplay group on Myspace where I created and shared my Sim’s story…I have a few of those stories posted on WordPress…

When I joined Myspace (2007), my main character, DJ, and her best friend, Gen (Genevieve) had just lost their parents to a plane crash. They were teenagers, newly-orphaned, and Fake-ID’ing their ways into nightclubs all throughout Hollywood. Although I am minor-tweaking years (the events that began in 2007, will technically take place in2008), the stories that I plan to write will take place in the year 2022, 14-15 years after the events the Myspace-era occured.

Myspace-era stories will not make their way onto WordPress, unless they are heavily edited. Most do not fit with the main story/stories I wish to tell. Let’s just say that the events from those stories exist in an Alternate Universe. One where DJ and Cato had triplets that had supernatural powers.

I do not write gameplay-style stories. I either have a story written and collect screenshots in-game, or I randomly play the game, take tons of SS, and then create a story from the photos. I enjoy writing; in fact I enjoyed it so much that I got a BA in Literature/writing in 2012. I haven’t written since then (except legal papers, but …BORING), and I promise you that my Sim’s story is anything but boring…

  • My main character, DJ, started off as a self-sim back in The Sims. I used to write gameplay-style stories about her in The Sims 2, on my Myspace account. I made a Myspace (which is still active) account for her, and was introduced to a wonderful simming community who roleplayed sims.
  • Most of my stories are for *mature* audiences, as they typically have profanity and sensuality/sexuality. I don’t do nudity, and if that day should come, it will be censored. I like to keep my stories PG-16’ish. OKAY THAT DAY CAME. Less than 1 year on WP and nudity (naughty bits blurred) and full on WICKED-level woohoo (sex, boning, whatever you wanna call it) came in full swing (and meatspin) in my Bachelorette series. For the most part, it is still a maturish audience (16+) content, if we’re basing the rating on the sexual aspect.
  • You can find some “sim spice” level comics of DJ on Tumblr. I might post a few on WP when I’m in-between writing new content (My user name there is the same, Ninjapinksex).
  • You can find a roleplay account with many of the photos seen below on Instagram: MySimDJ
  • A lot of my storytelling is what I like to refer to as fictional non-fiction. I pull a lot of story ideas from personal life (not The Bachelorette series, that was me poking fun at The Sims franchise).

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