2.05 – DJ’s Story pt. 5 – “The Experience Far Exceeds the Expectations”

*** Thank you to Lani, Darius & Khadijah’s creator for giving me permission to use her sims

** This story contains profanity, violence, and sensuality

Darius scoots his chair back, making sufficient room for his legs to fully extend. He smiles weakly at Hera, “Gotta get comfortable if I gotta play storyteller.” We look at him expectantly, but he fails to say anything. His eyes are focused on nothing in particular, as though he’s in a trance, and then suddenly he blinks, offers Hera a charming smile, and says, “You know somethin’, Babygirl, I think I might need something to eat. Startin’ to feel a little weak. I think my blood sugar might be low.”

Lani rolls her eyes at his obvious hesitancy, and pulls out her phone. A slow smile softens her face and her eyes light up. I find myself smiling in return. Her fiance, DeShawn, must have sent her a text. Not many have the magical ability to genuinely know Lani. Since the cusp of puberty, Lani has been the type of person who keeps herself heavily guarded. Somehow DeShawn had managed to coax Lani to unguard her defenses, and…well here she is, in love and planning her wedding; another chapter in their love story. 

“Of course, Daddy Darius.” Hera turns around, searching for someone, and then, before she even says his name, Jason beelines, once again, over to our table.

“Hera, how may I assist you?”

“You got your eye trained on her, dont’chu?” Darius has his arms crossed and he smiles lazily up at Jason.

Jason gives himself away instantly as his cheeks sear. He offers Darius a charming, yet professional smile, in return and says, “My greatest pleasure is to make certain that all guests are taken care of, but those who are friends of Descanso Gardens, such as Hera, I personally put in an added effort.” 

His eyes casually leave Darius, and are planted on Hera. “I have not done my job unless the experience far exceeds the expectations.” 

He offers Hera a smile that mirrors the one Darius used to give me when we were seeing each other. Hera’s face softens as the two stare at each other longer than what is comfortable for Darius.

Darius loudly clears his voice, sits up, and looks at Jason with sheer annoyance. “Anyone ever tell you that maybe you’re too helpful?”

“I’m sorry?” Jason says in confusion, turning his attention to Darius briefly, and then back to Hera. “Would you prefer I be less…helpful?” He forces a confused smile.

Hera smiles seductively up at Jason, twirling a strand of hair around her finger, “Jason, you know I have never complained about your…helpfulness…and that big dick, er, dedication you have,” she purrs. She glances from the corner of her eye at Darius, who is sulking at her display. “Darius,” Hera indicates with her hand, “is not only hangry, but unable to perform basic functions without nourishment. So, Darius,” Hera’s sweet smile fades as she brings her attention to him, “what would you like to order?”

Darius crosses his arms once more. He and Hera look like they are having a staring contest, seeing which one blinks first and loses. Without bothering to look up at Jason, Darius responds, “I’ll take a Tarragon Chicken Sandwich.”

I look over at Lani, who is still staring at her phone, smiling that goofy love-smile, which insinuates she’s been completely oblivious to Darius’s tantrum. I turn to Hera whose eyes I meet instantly.

“Do you know what you wanna order?” she asks me. 

“Have you tried the Brie and Fig sandwich?” I ask.

“I have. One of my favorites, actually. You can’t go wrong.”

“Okay, I think that’s what I’ll have.”

“Jason, make that two Brie and Figs.”

“Psst, Lani.” I tap her arm with a single finger.

“Tuscan Chicken, please, Jason. Thank you.” Lani says, her eyes glued to her phone.

Jason walks away, but isn’t completely out of ear-range before Darius erupts, saying, “He ain’t take nothin’ down. Your boyfriend some kinda genius that can memorize people’s orders or somethin’?”

“Well first of all,” Hera says putting up her index finger mere inches from Darius’s face, “it isn’t hard to remember. Clearly, it must not come easy for you, since you haven’t been able to recall a past event. Did Drama-Mama even matter to you? I’m beginning to wonder, since you keep stalling…And, second,” Hera’s middle finger shoots up next to her index finger. “What goes on between myself and Jason is not your business. If I ever want it to become your business, I will tell you. Referring to him as my boyfriend could get him in serious trouble. Don’t be careless with your words.”

Darius lets out a deep breath, “I’m sorry. You’re right. That wasn’t fair of me. I was being…well I dunno what I was being. A dad? I’m not sure what to be to you. I just know I wanna protect you from…I dunno what exactly. Everything?”

I extend my hand and place it gently on top of Darius’s. Immediately, he looks over at me. I lend him an encouraging smile. Not since we were teenagers have Darius and I been so close in proximity. Sure, we’ve attended functions, like his older sister Neteya’s, wedding or Lani’s daughter’s birthday parties, but Darius and I have never made more than polite acknowledgement of each other. Then this moment happens; where we search out each other’s eyes as though we’re reading an indecipherable letter or looking for something we’re uncertain exists. 

“How long have you had a crush on Darius?” Hera wears a dreamy, far-off look on her face, which is suspended by both palms. Her fingers curve daintily against sharp cheekbones.

I nearly choke on my saliva, “E-e-excuse me?”

“You mentioned that you had a crush on Darius when y’all were young. When did that crush start?”

“Oh!” I shoot a quick glance at Darius who has one eyebrow arched. “Oh that. Right. Let’s see… I was…Oh, God, it was that summer when Darius and Lani turned fifteen… so right before their Sophomore year. I had just finished 8th grade and was entering my Freshman year of high school.” I giggle, as I recall the memory, “I come to visit, and the moment I see Lani she’s out to here,” I extend cupped hands inches from my chest, “almost fifteen years-old and already very developed. I was…seriously lacking. In fact I was seriously lacking for several years, but that’s okay. I made peace with the body nature couldn’t provide me.”

Darius laughs. “Made peace? You got implants.”

I shrug. “I dropped 8k on top-of-the-line implants at a Beverly Hills clinic that specializes in inner peace. It’s what the implants are filled with,” I smile at my own joke, but I’m the only one, so I clear my throat, “The novelty wore off by the time I was nearing my late 20’s, so I had them removed. Anyways, where was I? Ummm. Oh, right! Lani had developed but not just physically. Her interests had changed. Lani’s interests were boys, fashion, and makeup; and her friend-circle shared those interests. By the end of the summer we were experimenting with makeup. Lani was a natural from the start. Me… not as much.”

Darius laughs uncontrollably. Hera and I stare at him as though he’s suddenly growing an extra limb.

“You okay, Daddy Darius?”

 Darius wills himself to stop laughing and gains composure. “Yeah. Sorry ’bout that. It’s just –” he indicates me, to Hera, with his thumb, “she looked busted.” Once again, Darius is overcome with laughter, and turns to me, “I am so sorry, Dee, but man you looked like Boy George back then.”

I purse my lips and let out a barely audible, “Thanks.”

“Don’t be mad. It was an awkward phase you outgrew. You know I wouldn’t’ve been witchu if you were lookin’ like that clown. You changed. A lot.”

I put my hand up, hoping the gesture will prevent him from talking any further. “Please stop.” I shake my head, as if attempting to shrug off the hurt I suddenly feel. I look over at Hera, who meets my eyes with compassion. “I was a mess. Darius, however, was not a mess. He was…” 

My face reddens, and I turn to Darius, “Do you remember that time when Lani and I ran into you at the park, and I was a complete embarrassment?”

“Dee, you gonna have to be more specific than that. Most of what you say and do is a complete embarrassment.”

“Oh, I wanna hear this story! You know it gotta be bad if Drama-Mama straight up calls it a complete embarrassment.”

“Well…okay…but you got to understand a few things…when Darius was fourteen, he would dress in oversized shirts and pants. Not saggin’…you know, the kind where the guy’s underwear shows.  Darius’s style wasn’t exactly appealing to me, so I never thought of him as anything else other than…Darius…until the park incident. It was one of the hottest day’s that summer. Lani and I were a few feet away from the main path, sitting under a tree”


“Oh my, God, why is Texas so hot?” 

“For real. This is just nasty.” Lani fans herself with her hand. 

I hear the sound of footsteps approaching, and turn to see who it might be. It’s difficult to see clearly, as he is outlined against the sun. 

“I knew that was you, Lani,” he says.

“Lani turns around, “You go for a run in this heat?”

“You know it.” He’s now standing in front of us, tall and erect with perfect posture. Darius. 

He briefly looks in my direction and acknowledges me with a head nod. Sweat beads his face and drips slowly down his body. I’m not paying attention to whatever direction the conversation has turned. I find myself hypnotized by the trail the sweat weaves down his chest; dodging chiseled abs and finally melting into his waistband. I am overcome by a sudden desire to turn into perspiration and slide down his body.

“You okay?” he asks, knowing that I am ogling him. Darius plants himself down on the grass next to me, and my heart begins to beat so fast that I can hardly breathe.  

I nod my head affirmatively, refusing to meet his gaze. “It’s just really hot. I’m not used to… this.” I try to act normal. I force myself to act normal. The last thing I need is to make a spectacle of myself.

Lani and Darius go back to their conversation, while I casually sneak glances at Darius and his abs. Especially those abs. 


“Yo hol’ up I do remember that.” Darius says, “You were actin’ all weird. You know I pulled Lani aside when she got home that day and asked if you two were tweakin’.”

My hand flies to my mouth, in a feeble attempt to suppress a laugh that erupts. “You thought we were doing drugs in the park?” I look at him incredulously. 

“Maybe not Lani, but definitely you.”

I stare at him momentarily, mouth agape, clear my throat, and try to act smooth. “Dar, I wasn’t on drugs, but I was addicted to your body.”

“You corny.” He half-smiles at me.

“So you got caught eye-fucking Daddy Darius? Is there more to this story, because this has been a let down if that’s all there is to your embarrassment.”

“Of course there’s more. So there we were, sitting on the grass. Lani and Darius were talking about their running times I think. I was still memorizing every muscle of Darius’s that was in view…when it happened”


“You should wear this more often,” I blurt out, causing Darius and Lani to turn and look at me as though I had just spoken to them in a foriegn language.

“Excuse me?” They say in unison.

“Uhh…” I stumble over my words. “I like your shirt.”

They both look at me in complete confusion. 

“Shirt? What shirt? Yo, Lani, I think you need to get DJ outta this heat.”

“No, I’m okay. I’m good,” I say lighthearted, trying to turn this around. Except I don’t. Not at all. I lean into Darius, in an attempt to playfully swat his shoulder, but miss, and end up falling against him. He feels warm and inviting, so I close my eyes and take in the moment.

“Is she okay? You think she got heatstroke?” Darius asks in a panic.

Lani doesn’t say anything, and I take that as my cue to get off her brother.

“Sorry. Clumsy me.” I smile innocently up at Darius, as he helps me up, and then over at Lani, who meets my gaze with dubious eyes.

“Ya know, I think you’re right.” Lani looks to Darius and then back to me. “We need to get you outta this heat. You clearly got overheated and became delirious. Tsk, tsk, tsk.”

“You think I should carry her, Lani?”

“Yes!” I say all too eagerly.

Lani shoots me a death-glare, and then looks sweetly back at Darius, “I think she can manage. Maybe you should go on another run? I’ll see you back home later.”

Darius looks from Lani to me, and then back at Lani. “Aight. See ya at home then.” 

Lani and I watch Darius take off down the trail. I don’t know what’s going through Lani’s head at the moment, but as for myself, I can’t help but conjure up the memory that happened mere minutes ago when I fell against Darius. I watch the sway of his hips as he runs. The way his butt stands out against well-fitted shorts that loosen up around the leg area and stop at his knees.

“Enjoying the view are you?”

Shit. “That obvious?”

“Girl, yes! And you best quit whatever silly notions you’re entertaining. That is my brother.”

“I know he’s your brother, Lani.”

“And you are my white-sister. Which means…” Lani looks at me expectantly, as if I should be able to finish her thought.

“You’ll love me forever?” I guess.

“No.” Lani says, unamused. “It means your ass better stay away from Darius if you can’t control yourself!”

“Well I didn’t mean to sound so stupid in front of him.”

“I believe that.” Lani laughs. “That was sad.”

“I guess I wouldn’t have a chance with him even if he wasn’t your brother.”

“No, no you wouldn’t. Pretendin’ to faint on him. What did you think you would accomplish? Have y’alls first date at a hospital or somethin’?”

I shrug. “I wouldn’t mind where we were as long as there was some mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.”

“You need to quit before I send you to the hospital.”

I look over at Lani. She turns away and refuses to look at me. I can tell she’s really upset so I drop the subject. Note to self: Whatever feelings I have for Darius…keep them hidden from Lani.


“I crushed even harder on Darius the following summer, right before my Sophomore year and his Junior year, but his interest was in his girlfriend, Khadijah. He didn’t know I existed.”

“That’s not true, Dee. I knew you existed. I just didn’t think of you like that.”

“Daddy Darius, are you tryna to mansplain Drama-Mama’s lust?” She laughs. “Goodness, not-all-men, my perfectly-shaped ass.” Hera looks over at me. “Go on.”

I shrug. “Not much more to say I suppose. The following summer was right before my Junior year and his Senior year. He wasn’t around until the tail-end of my stay. I don’t even know if I saw him that year. He was so busy training. Plus, he was still with Khadijah, so his free time was spent with her. The following summer was when Darius and I hooked up.”

“Two Fig and Brie sandwiches” Jason sets a plate each in front of Hera and myself. “A Tuscan sandwich for the lady,” he eyes Lani carefully as he places her plate down. Lani continues to focus on her phone, but grabs the sandwich the moment Jason moves to serve Darius. “I hope you find everything to your liking. Is there anything else I can get for you?”

“I think we’ll be okay, Jason.”

Jason nods his head and glides over to the table furthest from ours. We all begin to bite into our sandwiches. The melted cheese surprises me. “Mmm, it’s like a fondue sandwich!” I say approvingly, taking a bigger bite than what’s considered ladylike. Thankfully, no one would ever mistake me as being ladylike. 

“I did remember you,” Darius says as he focuses on his sandwich.

“Huh?” I say, as a trail of cheese stretches from my closed mouth and clings to the sandwich.

“I did remember you that year. You didn’t look like Boy George any longer. I mean I only saw you for a split-second, but I remember thinkin’ that you finally startin’ to get noticeable.”

“Noticeable?” I curl my nose up. That’s what you thought of me?”

“Yes, because I knew better than to entertain thoughts more complex than that when I had a girlfriend and you were Lani’s best friend, and as Lani even now continues to beat into my skull, being her best friend automatically makes you off limits.” 


“But then Khadijah broke up with me right before prom, we graduated school, and I was busy training. When you came to stay for the summer, it caught me off guard.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

“You came early.”

I bite my tongue, overcome with desire to respond with a vulgar quip. “Ah, right. Usually my parents would wait a few weeks after school let out before sending me off to Texas for the summer. I left the day after school ended that year.”

Darius inhales deeply, holds it for a few seconds, then lets it release. “Yeah. Do you remember Trey?”

“I think. He was one of your best friends, wasn’t he? Didn’t he end up with Khadijah later that summer? Like right after we made out in front of her…Is that why you and Trey had a falling out?” 

A lopsided grin appears on his face. “He and I had a falling out because of a girl, but it wasn’t Khadijah.”

I squint at him in confusion and then look over at Lani. I return my gaze to Darius and mouth “Lani?” in disbelief. 

I knew Trey held a torch for Lani when we were growing up. Puberty heightened his desires for her, but thankfully he never acted on his feelings, from what I knew at least, because Darius was his boy. 

Darius shakes his head no. “Nah, it wasn’t Lani. It was you, Dee.”

Me?” I say, taken aback.

“Mmmm, Drama-Mama. You leave quite the destructive path.” Hera chirps.

“Man, it feels like yesterday when you and me were up in that tree,” Darius chuckles, “making them branches shake. You remember that? By the end of June that tree was bare.”

“I remember your Mama made you rake up all the leaves. She didn’t know how it happened, but she was certain you were the culprit.”

“Ah man, that’s right. I hated that. Had to wake up extra early, and make sure every damn one of them leaves was off the ground before I headed off to practice. It’s a wonder I had energy to train, much less compete at the Olympics.” Darius closes his eyes, “But being here with you, Dee, and talking about that time. It’s like time stood still.”

“Do you remember when you wanted something romantic with Drama-Mama?” Hera coaxes.

“Of course I do. I ain’t ever forgot.” Darius grows silent, and just like earlier, Hera and I eagerly await to hear the story. Darius clears his voice. “Like I said, Dee came early. Trey an me, we were up in the tree house.” Darius looks over at Hera, “We had jerry-rigged a basketball hoop to the ceiling. Our dumbasses thought it’d be funny, but we actually did make use of it. Mainly we’d be lying down tryna shoot a Nerf ball through the hoop. That’s what we were doin’ that night…until the light came on…”


“What d’ya think yo neighbor up to, Dar?”

“How should I know? What’s it to you, Trey? Actin’ like Neighborhood Watch. She probably just putting linens away, or whatever white folk do.”

“Yeah.” Trey makes his way to his black, JanSport backpack. “Hey, yo, Darius. Turn off the flashlight, man.”

“What for, Trey?”

“Just do it.”

Darius looks at him with annoyance, but grabs the free-floating flashlight, which is suspended near the doorway. Its handle is wrapped in frayed twine. Darius presses the squashy button with his thumb, triggering a rapid-fire “click-click,” which leaves the boys in darkness. 

It takes a few moments for eyes to adjust, but Darius watches Trey rummage through the backpack’s uppermost pocket. He stops momentarily, and pulls out an object. “Let’s find out what she up to with these,” Trey says as he heads towards the window. He puts the item up to his eyes.

“Binoculars? Where’d you get them?” Darius asks, sliding up beside Trey.

“Swiped them from the garage. They all dusty. Ain’t no one gonna know I have them.” 

“Dope. So what color linens is Ms. Smythe storing?” Darius smiles at his joke.

“Nah, man, it ain’t her.”

“Okay? Then who? Mr. Smythe? Why you so quiet all of a sudden like something serious happenin’.


“‘Shh?’ Trey, you shushin’ me?” Darius jokes and lightly pushes Trey, dislodging the binoculars from his face.

“Man, you interruptin’ something good!” 

Darius smirks, “For real, Trey? You ain’t watching Ms. Smythe get naked, are you?”

Trey turns to Darius, “It ain’t her I’m watching get naked.”

“Who then?” Darius asks.


“DJ?” A moment of confusion keeps Darius planted where he stands. “Man, you can’t spy on her.”

“Why not?” Trey looks at Darius in disbelief. 

“That’s Lani’s friend. Her best friend. She’s like a sister.”

“Man, maybe she like a sister to you, but she ain’t shit to me.”

Darius clenches his teeth, “Gimme the binoculars, Trey,” he growls.

The binoculars land to the ground as Trey backs up against the wall. His hands shoot up in front of his chest in a state of surrender. “Thafuk got into you, Dar?” Trey bends down and snatches the binoculars from the ground. Darius says nothing but has eyes trained on Trey.

Trey eyes Darius cynically, “You wanna take a peek?”

“You know I don’t.”

“Then you know I ain’t giving you shit.”

“You gotta go, Trey. I can’t have you peepin’ at Lani’s friends.”


Nah?” Darius parrots back.

“Yeah, man, fuck that.” Trey brings the binoculars towards his face, but before he can look through them, they’re knocked from his hands. “Thafuck, Dar!”

“I warned you, Trey.”

Trey seethes in silence as his eyes narrow onto Darius, “Ya know, Dar, yo ass missed out tonight.”

Darius holds his tongue, his eyes never leaving Trey’s eyes.

“Lani’s little friend ain’t as little anymore, ya dig?” Trey smiles slyly, but he is met with Darius’s indifference to reply. “She ain’t no longer a member of the Itty Bitty Titty Committee. She ain’t big, but definitely enough to wrap your hands around.” Trey caresses the air in front of him as though groping a woman. 

Darius doesn’t know how long his hands have been tight-fisted, or why his hands burn as though they’ve been set ablaze, but neither of those questions matter as he swings his fist, landing it painfully hard against Trey’s face, and knocking the boy to the ground. 

Trey kneels flabbergasted against the wooden floor. He touches his throbbing nose, winces in pain from the light contact, and looks down to see blood pooling inside his palm. Blood drips from his nose into the extended hand. 

Darius looks down at Trey, “You ain’t my boy no longer. Take your shitty-ass-self outta here.”

Trey looks up at Darius with betrayed-astonishment and fear. He reaches for his binoculars, stumbles, grabs his backpack, stuffs the binoculars back inside, and, like a dog with its tail tucked beneath its hind legs, Trey quietly makes his way out of Darius’s treehouse and yard.

Darius slumps to the ground, grabs a Nerf ball, and attempts to get it through the hoop. After a few tries he hears the strained creak of wood. Trey! he suspects. He quietly tiptoes and ducks down near the door. That damn fool is gonna get round two of an ass-beating he won’t forget! Darius thinks. The door slowly opens and cautious-steps slowly enter. Before the intruder can get further inside, Darius pounces, wrapping his arms around their waist, and tackling them to the ground. They land with a loud thump. Darius pins the person down with one hand, the other hand is suspended menacingly in the air ready to strike at any moment. 

Shock renders her silent. Her eyes are wide and frightened, darting from his face to his fist. 

Darius strains his eyes, “DJ?” his fist relaxes, “Is that you?” Darius quickly removes himself from her. “I am so sorry. Are you okay? Did I hurt you?” She stares at him in silence, completely petrified. “Shit. Can you hear me? Understand me? Fuck. Oh my, God, I am so so sorry.”

“I-I’m okay…I’m, I’m just. You caught me off guard.” 

“I could say the same.” Darius whispers as he offers DJ his arm. She uses it to pull herself up next to him.

“Sorry about that,” she manages a smile, “I didn’t mean to scare you.”

“You didn’t scare me.”

“Then why did you…”

“I thought you were somebody else.”


“What are you doin’ here? Did you think Lani’d be out here?”

“No, I know she hasn’t been up here in years, but I knew you’d be here. I saw a flashlight or something from your treehouse, before I turned on the lights in my room.”

Darius eyes her cynically, “Oh, so you knew I’d be out here when you was gettin’ undressed, huh?”

DJ eyes narrow slightly at his response, “What’s that to you?” Her lips curl into a seductive smile, “What’s wrong, Darius? Did you see something you liked?” She looks into his eyes expectantly.

“Nah.” he answers in a deadpan tone, turning away from her.

Nah?” she exaggerates, feigning surprise.

“Nah, because I ain’t gonna peep at you.” He turns around and faces her, “If I wanna see you naked, that ain’t the way I’mma go.”

She studies his eyes, as though trying to search out the truth behind his words. A smile slowly forms, “Dork,” she chides, punching him playfully in the shoulder. “I know you didn’t see me naked. I only took off my coat. Do you really think I’m the kind of girl who gets undressed with an audience?”

Darius blushes, “Ah, man, I’m sorry if I came across like a punk. I didn’t mean to insinuate anything negative ’bout you. We cool?”

“Like penguins.”

Darius laughs, “Like what now?”

“Penguins. You know, because they live in cool climates. They’re cool.”

Darius smirks in disbelief, “Who you callin’ a dork? That gotta be the dorkiest thing I heard. Okay, so hold up a sec. You knew Lani wouldn’t be here. You knew I would. So what? What you want?”

DJ’s smile slowly fades into a solem, saddened emptiness. “I-I was hoping…” DJ swallows, having a difficult time voicing the words. “I was hoping I could talk to you.”

“To me?” Darius says, taken aback. 

“Yeah…I’ve had a lot on my mind, and I need someone to talk to. I don’t want to discuss this with anyone from school, because…well…gossip, you know? I don’t want to tell Lani because…Lani can be quite unpredictable. I don’t know how she’d react, and I’m afraid it would be more harmful than helpful. You. You’re impartial.” DJ eyes him skeptically, “I don’t think you’ll be judgmental…”

Darius places both hands up in front of him, as though surrendering. “Again, I am sorry I- I.”

DJ places one hand up, palm facing him, “It’s fine. I’m not mad about what you said earlier. I just need…”

“Non-judgmental, 100-percent impartial. I can be that for you. I gotchu.” Darius offers a smile.

DJ sighs. “Right. Thank you.”

Silence encompases them. A light breeze rustles the tree’s leaves. “So what’s up?”

“I don’t think there’s an easy way to go about this,” DJ says as she picks at her nails, unable to make eye contact.

“It ain’t ‘bout your new man, is it?”

“Oh!” DJ looks at Darius with surprise. “You know about that? About him?”

“Yeah,” Darius says matter-of-factly, “Lani’d mention it awhile ago.”

“Oh,” DJ says, turning her attention to the ground, “Right. That makes sense.” She looks slowly back at Darius, “She told me about you and Khadijah. You two broke up?”

Darius sits on the wooden floor. He wraps his arms around his right leg, while the left leg collapses against the floor. DJ follows Darius’s lead and sits down inches away from him. 

“I guess.” Darius shrugs, “She the one to do the breakin,’ accusinin’ me of cheatin’ on her dumbass.” Darius hangs his head, ashamed of his sudden burst of profanity. “Sorry ‘bout that. That girl drives me to anger. Can you believe she thinks I’d cheat on her? Then she has the nerve to break off what we had like it ain’t nothin’. Shit’s whack.” 

“Why did she accuse you?” 

“I ain’t gotta clue. She come at me one day after school talkin’ ’bout how she heard from someone that they seen me with Kassie. My running coach is Kassie’s dad. I don’t know how she figure I’m with Kassie when she got a girlfriend. Kas ain’t into dudes. I tried tellin’ that to Dijah, but she did’n wanna hear it. Aight then; I guess we done.”

“Brutal. She didn’t even stop to listen to you? So much for trust.”

“Exactly. Ah well. I don’t mind bein’ single. Not when females like that are too much drama.” Darius gently touches the tip of his red suede Air Jordan’s against the pink canvas of DJ’s Vans. “So how yo’ man treatin’ you? Can’t imagine he’s all that happy you’re spendin’ your summer out here.”

DJ stares at Darius’s foot against hers. “We’re not together.”

“Oof. You broken up too? You wanna talk ‘bout it?”

“Not really.” DJ looks up at Darius’s confusion. “Sorry. What I mean is we’re not really broken up. Officially. I’ve…blocked him from my phone and Myspace. I don’t plan to talk to him again.”

“But why you wanna do him like that? I ain’t ever took you for a coward.”

DJ gnaws on her lower lip, “Have you ever wished for a do-over? Like maybe if you had done something differently, it could have prevented you from experiencing the worst day of your life?”

“I guess,” Darius shrugs.

“We had…I think he…” tears begin to well in DJ’s eyes. 

“Hey,” Darius croons, “it’s okay. I’m here, and I gotchu.” Darius gently places DJ’s hand inside his. “You don’t gotta say anything you ain’t wanna.”

“I think we had sex.” More tears begin to stream down her face.

“Oh. Okay. I didn’ even know. Wait. Does Lani know?”

Silently, DJ shakes her head no.

“Is Lani why you cryin’? You think she gonna be mad atchu or somethin’? She might be upset to know she the only virgin of us three, but she’ll get over it.” Darius smiles slyly at DJ, “Look atchu. I thought for sure you were gonna hold out till you was married, and maybe not even give it up then.”

“That was my plan. I wasn’t planning on having sex with him, but not everything goes as planned….”


“Um, hey, Dar?”

“What up, Dee? You okay?”

“I’m not ready to relive that moment. I think that should be my story to tell…when I’m ready to share it.”

“Yo, Dee, I’m sorry. I got so wrapped up in the memory that I kinda wasn’t thinkin.’ I hope you can forgive me.”

“Of course, Dar. No hard feelings. Thank you.”

“Yeah, yeah.” Darius clears his throat. “Aight, so this ‘bout when I could really see myself witchu. You was wrappin’ up what was on your mind. Standing against the window frame, starin’ out the window. You were there for a bit. I didn’t know what to say, and you had said a hella lot. I was all over the place with my feelings. I wanted to kill that punkbitch.” Darius stops briefly and looks at Hera, “Excuse my language.” Darius takes a deep breath before continuing, “I was holdin’ back so hard from punchin’ the shit outta somethin’. Part of me was hopin’ Trey would come back and I could lay into him. I was pacin’ like a feral animal in lockdown, but your movement caught the corner of my eye, and I watched as you moved directly in front of the window. Damn, I can still remember that pink see-through sundress you wore, and how the moonlight illuminated it, revealin’ your legs and then some. Then you turned around and it was evident you was cold and you weren’t wearin’ a bra. My breath caught, and whatever anger I was holdin’ melted away at that instant…”


“I want a do-over.” DJ says, matter-of-factly.

“What kinda do-over?” I ask.

DJ smiles shyly, blushing. “It isn’t obvious?”

“I don’t wanna assume what you want.” I say with all the tenderness I can muster.

DJ takes a few steps towards me. We’re still a couple feet from each other, but close enough to search each other’s eyes. I take a step closer to her. My hand reaches out and pushes stray strands of her hair to the side. Her eyes close, and immediately I think that I have perpetuated trauma. “You okay?” I say, as I quickly remove my hand from her face.

Her eyes open leisurely, “Never better,” she whispers, and I can feel my desire increase.

“I don’t wanna do anything you ain’t ready for. Shit, I dunno if I’m ready for this.”

“What’s stopping you?” Her fingertips slide up my arm, circling my biceps.

“You sure ain’t makin’ it easy to say no.”

Her touch immediately stops, and her eyes look up into mine. “Do you want to? Say no that is.”

I look into her green eyes and I’m lost. “Nah,” I say with conviction. “I just ain’t ever done this with anyone other than Dijah, and she was my girl. I don’t really wanna be with a girl who I ain’t in a relationship with. I want it to mean somethin,’ ya know?”

She tosses me a bittersweet smile and sighs. “So, I guess no redo.” She forces a smile. 

I feel like I just broke her heart, so I quickly backpedal, “Nah, I ain’t sayin’ I wouldn’t. I-I just don’t know how to go ’bout this…with trainin’ every day…and Lani could be a problem. She can’t know. I don’t like the idea of this being a secret, but I don’t know any other way ’round it.”

“Any way around…what?”

I take a deep breath and exhale. “Will you be my girl?”

“Your girl? Like girlfriend?”


She smiles and looks at the ground. “Okay, Dar, you talked me into it.”

“Dar? You never called me that before.”

She shrugs. “Well you never called me your girlfriend before.”

I laugh, “Yeah I guess, but technically I haven’t called you my girlfriend yet, Dee.” I say, emphasizing the shortened version of her initials.

She playfully gives me a dirty look. “So say it already.”

I draw her close to me. Our faces get closer until my lips devour hers. We lose track of time, and our mouths pull apart briefly. I lick my lips. “My girl taste good,” I tease.

“Say it again,” she insists. 

“My girl,” 

“Again,” she giggles.

I suck at her neck, “My.” I say in-between kisses, “Girlfriend.”  

We melt to the ground. Our hands paw urgently at each other’s clothes in desperation to remove all barriers between our skin. I rummage through my pants pocket for my wallet. I find it, open it, and remove a condom.

“Why do you keep condoms in your wallet if you’re not planning on using them on anyone other than a girlfriend?”

I take it out of the packaging and begin to put it on, “In case of moments like this one.”

“How long have you been carrying it around?”

“Way too long. Let’s hope it don’t break.”


Hera golf-claps with the biggest grin on her face. “I’m okay with this – this is a good love story that y’all had. It ain’t The Notebook, or anything, but I’m feelin’ my origin story.”

Darius hesitantly raises an eyebrow, “Thank you?”

“I gotta get going.” I say. I turn my attention to Hera. “Would it be possible to meet tomorrow for Afternoon Tea? Maybe Lani could also join. I would like to introduce you to your sister. That is, if you’re ready to meet her.”

Hera looks at me and doesn’t say anything for a while. “Okay. I think I’d like that. But you better not talk about fucking in bushes the last time you had Afternoon Tea.”

“It’s a deal.” I turn to Darius, “Um, I was hoping I could make this a girls-only event.”

“For real, Dee? I wanna get to know my daughter too.”

“I’m not trying to monopolize her time,” I say defensively, and then lower my voice. “I want to explain what happened between David and I. Lani needs to know why us hooking up was so crucial to me. But most importantly, Thenie should know what type of guy David was. Those girls are almost the age I was when I dated him. I want to educate them…”

“I feel you, Dee.” Darius turns to Hera. “Maybe you and I can get together a bit before or after you have your girl time?”

“Yeah, we can make plans.” Hera says.

“Thanks for being here, Dar,” I push my chair back, stand up and lean in to kiss his cheek. I walk over to Lani, who is still staring at her phone. I stop, cross my arms and look at her. I know she can feel my gaze. 

“Lani, I know you heard everything that went on. I know you’re faking, you fake.” Lani’s face doesn’t move, but her eyes leave her phone and look up at me. “Knew it. Tomorrow. Here. Noon.” I walk away before she has time to protest. 

I sigh once I get to the rental car. I knew this day would come, but why did it have to be tomorrow?



  1. draliman says:

    That Jason is so polite and helpful, I wonder what he could be after 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Bahahaha. Accurate!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. LaniBunny says:

    The moment has finally arrived. I can only imagine how hard it’s going to be for DJ to tell them this story, but hopefully this can lead to do some much needed healing and closure for her. It’s great she has a tribe that stands by her (even if one *LANI* gives her a hard time) Lani just wants best for her loved ones. I’m excited and sad that these will be coming to an end soon 😭😭😭


  3. emeraldskysims says:

    I really love the humor in your writing. I am enjoying the comedy as well as the drama. Things got a little crazy/serious in this chapter but I am loving 🙂 Looking forward to more!


  4. lisabeesims says:

    Woo woo caught up .. still a tad dizzy from the story rollercoaster but such fun!


  5. Aww Deege, I’m there for you to tell your story ❤️ also DJ in Boy George makeup is giving me life 🤣

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww ❤
      Hahahahaha. I'm glad THAT is giving you life, it is definitely not giving Darius life lol

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  6. treasonandplot says:

    Cute, funny AND sexy is a hard combo but you nail it!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you, Treason 😘😘

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  7. feroshgirl says:

    Ahh! Okay I’m so late and I have a bunch of your hilarious comments to respond to but work has been crazy so I wanted to steal a moment to read! First of all, “I dropped 8k on top-of-the-line implants at a Beverly Hills clinic that specializes in inner peace. It’s what the implants are filled with” is a perfect line and no, I will not be taking questions at this time. I screamed when I realized Hera is definitely hooking up with Jason. And yes, Darius, you need to back off. She is in charge of her own body. I love how quickly she shut him down and that he apologized.

    God I was cracking up at these flashbacks. Darius and DJ are the right balance of awkward, horny teens. One minute they are being all smooth and flirty and the next they are saying things like “cool as penguins” LOLOL. I admit, I sort of cheered when he punched his friend. I also need to know more about this terrible boyfriend she blocked on Myspace (I am old enough that this reference feels like an attack). Is it he who shall not be named (SERIOUSLY EFF DAVID)?

    I liked all of this reminiscing and catching up. The poses where they’re in the woods with way too much make-up was just the right level of cringe.

    (I am team Darius. I don’t even remember who DJ is married to but it seems like he is her true love)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. No worries. I understand completely.
      Bahahaha when will you be taking questions? :-p
      Bahaha, more like who isn’t Hera hooking up with. Oops! 😮

      lol DJ was (is?) quite the dork. Haha yeah, Trey def deserved to be punched and unfriended. Haha, yes, S.E.D.

      LMAO. It’s seriously hard to try to find CC that isn’t cute, but that makeup coupled with the hairstyle do not mix. at all. Not on DJ anyways.

      Okay when I first read your Team Darius comment I laughed so hard. I ONE-HUNDRED-PERCENT understand why Darius is perfect for DJ, but…. (seeing as I know you already read pt 6), I def wanted the reader to fall in love with Darius, the way DJ had… but I feel that with Cato getting dialogue at the end of the story, it kinda saves the best for last. They just fit together.

      Thanks for your comments and reading the stories 😀 xoxoxox

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  8. Kymber Hawke says:

    Girl… “…“Man, it feels like yesterday when you and me were up in that tree,” Darius chuckles, “making them branches shake. You remember that? By the end of June that tree was bare.”… I laughed so hard. LOLOL

    I really enjoy your writing so much. Going back and forth in time is really great!

    I can’t believe it’s already time for the sisters to meet! And I can’t even guess how it will go. All I know is, I’m looking forward to it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hahaha I love that it made you laugh 😀
      Aw you are so sweet, thank you for such a lovely compliment ❤

      Liked by 2 people

  9. Dolly Llama says:

    This is just to say that this is the first chapter that the present tense hit me in the face. (I know this is A Thing in fanfic circles so I’mma clarify that it’s not something I care about and tenses won’t make or break my enjoyment of a story.) And I did also want to say it’s clear from the beginning why DJ is the main character: she does have a habit of taking over the scene, but I can also feel her carrying the main themes of the piece, and everyone else’s stories converging around hers.

    As for Darius and Lani, there are a couple hints I don’t know what to make of yet. Like DJ, I was surprised at Darius being impressed by a dude memorizing four whole things—a sign of a learning disability, even though he’s clearly athletically gifted and emotionally sensitive? Lani, I don’t know how to take this at all. She got thrown into a hell of an awkward situation and has this strong withdrawal response. That is consistent with what you’ve told me about her. Yet she still turned out so badass??

    Now for collections of observations caught in my notes!

    Jason is totally Sirak. “Crunchitize me, boss-mommy!” DJ’s makeup did not disappoint. Nor did the pants on the ground (which got the song stuck in my head). And DJ’s remark of the chapter, for me at least, was screaming, paraphrased, “when your aunt was underage she had big-ass tits!” Thank you, DJ. Thank you.

    Something about DJ very clearly framing that something happened with David makes me suspect David wasn’t the ultimate aggressor, or at least not the only one, but maybe it’s just that I love when authors misdirect their audience.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. LOL @ when your aunt was underage she had big-ass tits LOLOLOL I mean…. clearly they made an impression on DJ. She did get fakies after all :p

      There are things I didn’t discuss in full in this 6-part series, re. David. When I wasn’t in-game taking photos for the 6 stories, I was writing in-depth about Darius and DJ’s breakup and what transpired her senior year (after the breakup and returning to school seeing David/rapist, and how their relationship uh… evolved?). I left hints/breadcrumbs (ex. the “accident” of David physically assaulting her), because I didn’t want to weight the story down with too much tragedy. One of the fun things (fun to me I guess) is when I tell (brief) a memory without showing the memory. I do this in an upcoming story, and the reason I tell and not show is b/c the memory is part of another story. So, you unlocked a clue 😉

      Hahaha Jason 😉 He was supposed to be a foil character and I liked him enough to keep him around…for Hera 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  10. Haneul says:

    The screenshots that begin the Darius-DJ origin story are too good. They’re hilarious. I love how you did the girls’ make-up then too… Darius-DJ seem so good as a couple, and Hera nicely complements the pair. I want to root for them. I’m sure the other people in DJ’s family are great, but I feel like I’m getting major second lead syndrome.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I am so sorry it took me so long to respond to your comment.
      Thank you for taking the time to comment and read. Super appreciative!
      Thank you so much for the lovely compliments 💕 Haha, me set up the reader? Never! (Okay I totally would 😉). Great insight!
      I think Darius/DJ are a great couple, unfortunately, because Darius isn’t my sim could only have him be DJs past.

      Liked by 1 person

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