DJ’s World! Party Time! Excellent!

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Is It S.O.S.? No, It’s Mayday! ~ DJ steps inside the office of a private investigator, and is instantly transported…

Midsummer Eve Masquerade part 1: What Fools These Mortals Be ~ DJ & Gen throw a masquerade party in Germany on the longest day of the year. Cato plans a surprise for DJ…but what would a midsummer’s eve be without havoc? The eve turns into a memorable event, but will the memories be unforgettable or better off forgotten?

Midsummer Eve Masquerade part 2: The Course of True Love Never did Run Smooth ~ As the party comes to its climax, secrets unravel, emotions flare, and the fates kickback and enjoy the show.

2.01 – DJ’s Story pt. 1 – “Her” ~ DJ has plans to meet someone from her past, but a kerfuffle with a stranger leaves her shaken and stirred.

2.02 – DJ’s Story pt. 2 – “Baby, Drama-Mama” ~ Shocked to discover that two separate men fathered her twin daughters, DJ decides how to disclose the information to Hera’s biological father.

2.03 – DJ’s Story pt. 3 – “While the Sky Explodes” ~ Lani catches DJ and Darius kissing, and confronts Darius.

2.04 – DJ’s Story pt. 4 – “That Mess There” ~ Lani and Darius meet Hera. The identity of Hera’s biological mother is finally revealed to Lani.

2.05 – DJ’s Story pt. 5 – “The Experience Far Exceeds the Expectations” ~ DJ reveals her crush on Darius, and Darius finally shares when he had romantic feelings for DJ.

2.06 – DJ’s Story pt. 6 – “Nothing Happened” ~ The events of the past few days overwhelm DJ, and she uses an old friend for comfort. Afterwards, DJ discloses a painful memory.

3.01 Bachelorette Party pt. 1 “It’s About to Take a Turn” ~ In order to throw an epic bachelorette party for Lani, DJ solicits help from a friend. 

3.02 The Bachelorette Party pt. 2: “Lady Luck is Clearly Smiling on My Gamblings” ~ DJ attempts to throw THE MOST EPIC bachelorette party for Lani. As the night progresses, DJ realizes that when her plans aren’t being thwarted by someone, the old times are steamrolling over her.

3.03 The Bachelorette Party Pt. 3 – “Plot Twist, We’re at a Family Reunion” ~ To keep the night’s festivities in full swing, DJ, Lani and Gen travel to what they believe is a strip club. A night of excessive debauchery turns from a wet-dream-come-true to nightmare-fodder. 

3.04 The Bachelorette Party Pt. 4 – “Thafuk?” ~ DJ, Gen, and Lani continue their journey through all 9 layers of hell, but during the tour they’re separated, and DJ has to face a fearsome predator. Can she conquer her fear and live through this, or will her fear break her?

“Don’t Make a Scene” (AU Short Story or Alternate Ending) ~ Reality and fantasy collide. Will DJ overcome her trauma(s) or will they overcome her?