DJ’s World! Party Time! Excellent!

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Is It S.O.S.? No, It’s Mayday! ~ DJ steps inside the office of a private investigator, and is instantly transported…

Midsummer Eve Masquerade part 1: What Fools These Mortals Be ~ DJ & Gen throw a masquerade party in Germany on the longest day of the year. Cato plans a surprise for DJ…but what would a midsummer’s eve be without havoc? The eve turns into a memorable event, but will the memories be unforgettable or better off forgotten?

Midsummer Eve Masquerade part 2: The Course of True Love Never did Run Smooth ~ As the party comes to its climax, secrets unravel, emotions flare, and the fates kickback and enjoy the show.

2.01 – DJ’s Story pt. 1 – “Her” ~ DJ has plans to meet someone from her past, but a kerfuffle with a stranger leaves her shaken and stirred.

2.02 – DJ’s Story pt. 2 – “Baby, Drama-Mama” ~ Shocked to discover that two separate men fathered her twin daughters, DJ decides how to disclose the information to Hera’s biological father.

2.03 – DJ’s Story pt. 3 – “While the Sky Explodes” ~ Lani catches DJ and Darius kissing, and confronts Darius.

2.04 – DJ’s Story pt. 4 – “That Mess There” ~ Lani and Darius meet Hera. The identity of Hera’s biological mother is finally revealed to Lani.

2.05 – DJ’s Story pt. 5 – “The Experience Far Exceeds the Expectations” ~ DJ reveals her crush on Darius, and Darius finally shares when he had romantic feelings for DJ.

2.06 – DJ’s Story pt. 6 – “Nothing Happened” ~ The events of the past few days overwhelm DJ, and she uses an old friend for comfort. Afterwards, DJ discloses a painful memory.

Bachelorette Party pt. 1 “It’s About to Take a Turn” ~ In order to throw an epic bachelorette party for Lani, DJ solicits help from a friend.